Mail Merge lets your customers create a batch of print pages that are personalized for each person. For example, a company can personalize a single business card with each staff’s details and submit it as a single project.

On your end, you get to download a single PDF file with each page showing the same design but with different staff details.

Creating 3 Business cards with a CSV datasource

Mail Merge has two modes:

  1. CSV Upload - The data records is driven by a CSV or Excel sheet uploaded by your customer
  2. Range Mode - Records are generated by your customer specifying a number range with a starting value
    This is useful for generating products like Marathon Bib numbers.

How to create Mail Merge Designs

  • To get started, load a Design or open one for edit from your Admin Designs page

  • Click the Design tab on the left panel and then click the Add Module button and click Mail Merge from the list.

  • Next, you will see the Mail Merge configuration form as shown below:

  • All you have to do is select the mode and add the Text placeholders to your designs. The Text placeholders are described below

Range Mode Text Placeholders

The Range Mode generates records using numbers. It presents your customers option to set a starting number and quantity.

To create a placeholder, just add a text with double hash. Anywhere the double hash is encountered, the index number will be inserted.

Eg: 00-##. The number 234 will replace the ## and render: 00-234

CSV Upload Mode Text Placeholders

The CSV Upload mode uses the same template a Datasource does. You basically create a Smart Text with a title. The title corresponds to a column name in the CSV file.

For example a Text titled email will have its content replaced with the corresponding email address value in the CSV record for that row

Here’s a detailed article on how to create Smart Texts