A store owner can configure Pages while editing a Design using the Pages tab.

You can also sort pages by dragging any single Page in the Navigation panel at the bottom of the Editor



Page title text

Width & Height

This is the final Width and Height of the physical product in the Design Unit.
Even when the Page is offsetted, this value is the total physical bounds of the Underlay image.

Page Boundary

Sets the Page Bleed Lines, Trim Box and Margin Lines. This value is set in the Design Unit.
Values can be provided in either a single floating point number, two floating point number or four separated with a simple comma.

If a single value is provided eg. 1.2, that value is repeated for left, top, bottom and right sides.

If two values are provided eg. 1.5, 2.0, The first value affects the top and bottom while the second number affects the left and right bounds.

If four values are provided eg. 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, the values are in the order: top, bottom, left and right

Fold Lines

Fold lines can be displayed for products like Books or foldable menus to show the demarcation center lines. You can provide as many number values as your product requires separating each with a comma.

Image Layers

For designs that requires an Underlay or Overlay images, this is where you can assign those images. An Underlay is the lowest layer and can be used to display products like TShirt while Overlay is the topmost layer. To understand more about Underlay and Overlays, please read more about Print.App Designs


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