A Design can be configured in the Design Tab when editing a design.



Design title text


Design measurement units.
Values can be Centimeters, Millimeters, Inches, Points, Pixels, or Feet

Welcome Message

This is used to display a welcome message in a modal window.
You can use this medium to give your customer an instruction before they start to edit a Design.

Default Tab

Here, you can select the default tab that will be shown when the Editor is launched by your customer.
This will be the first Tab Panel they will see when they enter the Editor.

Lock Background

This option hides the Background tab and prevents customers from changing the Design’s background color or graphics

PDF Download

This option allows your customers to download the PDF file within the Editor.

DPI Check

This option shows a warning message to customers if they add an image into the Editor that is below the Design’s set DPI threshold.

Chain Color

This option makes it possible to chain colors across a design. It means when customers change the color of an item, similar items with the same color gets updated with the new color as well.

PDF Version

Version in which the final PDF should be rendered in.

PDF Color Profile

Color Profile to use in Rendering the final PDF. This allows you to select an ICC color profile through which all colors are mapped during PDF rendering.
You can select from several standard CMYK color print profiles

Render Crop Marks

Enabling this option instructs the PDF renderer to Print the Crop marks on the final PDF file as well as raster downloads.


Tags can be used internally to categorize your designs for search