In Print.App, a graphic can be an image, a vector file like PDFs, SVGs or plain shapes like rectangles, circles, and lines. By default, the app comes with a collection of graphics and you can also upload your own custom graphics and can assign select graphics to different Design Templates.

You create a Resource Profile to assign certain Graphics to a Design Template. This way, only the Graphics you’ve selected will be available for use in that Design Template.

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  • Graphics are managed on a collection basis and can be applied as backgrounds or placed directly on the design canvas.
  • SVG Vector graphics can be painted on the canvas using the color panel and selecting the fill index you want changed.
  • PDF files with multiple pages appear as a collection of pages in the graphics panel.
  • An uploaded PDF file in the editor cannot be edited on the canvas, it can only be transformed (resized, scaled or rotated). They are placed in the final PDF output using the originally uploaded source with all its properties. Please note, this is different from importing PDFs as a complete template in the admin panel. We are referring to uploading PDF files as graphics inside the designer


The following types of files can be uploaded:

png-image/pngPNG Image with transparency
jpeg-image/jpegJpeg Image file
svg-image/svg+xmlSVG Graphics files (version 1.1 or lower)
pdf-application/pdfPDF pages are placed in the output from the original files
ai-application/aiIllustrator files just like PDF
csv-text/csvFor use as Datasources