A Design variation is a single design with additional variations. We can create Design Variants using a simple CVS or Excel sheet to change the design contents. This will give us variants equal to the number of rows / records in the uploaded CSV.

You can use this to create different variants of a Business Card for different companies or store locations of the same company by using the CVS to update the address and other contact details of the companies

Create a Datasource Variation

  • To get started, load a Design or open one for edit from your Admin Designs page

  • Click the Design tab on the left panel and then click the Enable Design Variation button to select the Datasource Variation and Enable it

  • You should have the Datasource selection form displayed. Your previously uploaded CVS Files should appear here. If you don’t have any, you can upload one right here.

  • To drive your Design Object’s values with a Datasource, you need to have in the Design, Objects that have the same title as the column name of your CSV Datasource.

    For example, you create Smart Text Objects labelled First Name, Last Name and Street Address corresponding to the CSV file shown below:

    How to create Smart Objects

  • Save your Design and assign it to a product and test as a customer on your web store.

You can manage all your CVS Datasources in Admin > Designs